Sunday, 24 April 2011

Fridge Rage!


I wake up this morning and I am really missing my boys, as I do every weekend they are with their dad. The difference is usually I would be getting them back at 5pm today, but I know I am not going to see them until tomorrow night. 
Easter is a huge time of year to his family. Not because of the religious aspect. No don't be silly. Why? chocolate.
His family family really go over the top. My boys will come back hyper because they will have done nothing but eat chocolate. 
They are always abusive to me when they come back from their dads, I dread to think what chocolate induced abuse will be like. Takes a few days to get my babies back to normal. Hence why he only sees them fortnightly.

You know how many chocolate eggs they are likely to bring back,  at least 15 each!!! Which they won't eat and I end up giving them to other people, melting and using in cooking or when they have been there so long throwing them away.
When I first started seeing my ex it really made me laugh that in every fridge, in his families houses, the drawer that was meant for fruit & veg was dedicated to chocolate.
He tried doing the same when we moved in together. It really annoyed me. No room for proper food, so I would take his chocolate out and put it in a tin, I say a tin, several was more like it. So I would have room to keep salad veg fresh.
But no by the next morning it would all be back in the fridge. After a while I learnt not to argue and just gave in. Which is probably where it all started. If I had only put my foot down about the damn chocolate drawer, he would have never start the control that he had over me. You do not realise how these things start which such trivialities. 
I don't actually like chocolate that much, I have to be in the mood for it. If I am bought a box of chocolate it will last me about a month. 
The kids don't see me eat chocolate or sweets very often. I have sweets and chocolate in the house, which is visible to the naked eye lol  They don't ask, don't ask don't get.  Over their, they are in heaven as daddy has a sweet tooth and he still has the chocolate drawer. 
To me Easter is about spending time with your family. Remembering what is important in life. And receiving wonderful cards and gifts which my boys have made at school. They made cards for their dad this year, although I was quite surprised that my youngest had written it out to his dads name and not daddy. Don't know how that will be taken. But as soon as they are gone it will be put in the bin. 
I keep anything like that, I have boxes full of pictures, cards. I think it's nice to look at when they are older and have families of their own, and if they start to loose their way maybe it will help them remember what family is about.

Happy Easter to you all and I hope you each have a memory that makes you smile today.

Anna x


  1. Happy Easter! I hope ur kids are in a good mood when they get back and not hung over with chocolate fever! I gotta work this Easter myself. Best wishes!

  2. chocolate ....m... happy Easter