Friday, 20 May 2011

Letters from Doris

Hi all, hope you have all been well. I have been away from here since Easter , just haven't had time! 
Hectic life of a single working mum, well I have time now as I am at home ill lol come on all together now "Ahh" lol
Well been led here think about Doris, many years ago before I got married I lived in a flat, it was very small. It was a semi detached house, converted into two flats. 
Below us lived a lovely old dear called Doris, she lived on her own and did not have any family visit, her daughter would show up once in a blue moon. But the people next door to us, they were a lovely Christian couple. They would pop in and see her, also cooked her a roast dinner every week. Like I said a lovely couple. 
I was only working part time then, so when I was home I would pop down for a coffee. I would always feel bad that she would make it, but she would insist. I think she was just happy that someone was just visiting, not bringing her a meal or the health visitor bringing her weekly meds, just s visitor that she could make a cup of tea for. She was in her 80's, very hunched over, and very week. But I tell you that woman had fight and spirit. She always meant the best by people and loved to chat! 
Which is just as well, so do I! 
Anyway, one morning I could here the bell ringing. If she needed me she would ring the bell, an 80 year old woman hasn't got a strong enough voice to be shouting up the stairs. 
I always knew it was Doris, because she would keep her finger on the bell until she saw me come down the stairs. It used to drive my husband up the wall, it just made me chuckle, bless her. 
Anyway, I went down the stairs and she said, "I didn't want to see Mr *****  as I was a bit embarrassed"
"ok" i said with curiosity 
"Well I picked up a letter of yours this morning" which she then handed me, it looked like it had been delivered through a war zone lol
She went on to say, "I put the letter in my pocket, went to the toilet and as I got up it fell in" at this point I put the letter down on the stairs. Then she said " well I fished it out and it was wet, I wanted to dry it quickly, so I put it under the grill, sorry it's a bit burnt, hope you can still read it" 
I said not to worry Doris, I said have you used your grill to cook since, she said "ew no, it's got wee on it" lol so I went in and scrubbed the grill for her. I then took the pissed on burnt mail and put it straight in the bin, then scrubbed my hands. She laughed about it a few days later when she had realised what she had done. 
This story always makes me chuckle, I remember Doris with such fondness. She was quite rightly moved to a home out at Weymouth overlooking the sea. I was told she was very happy. It comforts me to know she passed away in a place with a beautiful view and being looked after. Love always Doris RIP x 

Anna x


  1. funny story. she seemed like a good person, RIP

  2. She was a lovely lady, think of her now and then with great fondness.
    Hope you are well x