Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Iced Buns!

Telling you about curry on ice the other day I thought I might tell you about another icy tale. This time involving me! 

January 2010 it was very cold and very icy. I had walked up drop the boys off at school. I then travelled to and from work, walking and on the bus. Walked up the school and collected the children. I did all this and not one foot slipped. 
When I got home I needed to take a parcel to the post office, this was around the corner from the house. Less than I had walked all day, so you would have thought I would be safe!!

Well, I think you can guess what happened. Less than 500yards from home and I slipped! How annoying is that!!!
At first I laughed, because I felt stupid, then I tried to get up and could not put any pressure on my left leg. I managed to slide on my bum to the lamp post. You don't really know how cold ice is until you are sat on it let me tell you lol
Anyway, as I was sat their figuring out what to do a policeman had seen me fall. By this time the pain was getting worse. Well as soon as I see him I know I am not going anywhere but hospital! 
A neighbour was passing by and bless him, he took his jumper off and slid it under my bum, he rang home and his kids brought me a cup of tea and his little boys, gave me his thomas the tank quilt to keep me warm, bless him, thank you so much, never forget that. In the mean time, the policeman had called for an ambulance. A first responder, turned up and said that an ambulance would be here in about an hour. Brrrr you can only imagine how cold i was feeling. The first responder slipped on the same patch of ice,  then my neighbour almost slipped on the same patch of ice, a passer by, had stopped with her daughter, they slipped and where holding onto my neighbour to get passed the patch of ice lol by this point the first responder had given me gas and air for the pain. I started to laugh, quite a lot at everyone else slipping and sliding, it was like something on a sketch show, all holding onto each other!! 
Oh this gets better believe lol 
At this point another set of first responders turn up and another policeman as he has seen the crowd and has stopped to see if any assistance is required. Now I have 2 policemen, 4 first responders,3 people stood round and a partridge in a pear tree lol And each person slipped on the same patch of black ice. As every else told "ooh yeh, that's where she slipped"
What a commotion, and there's more.
Whilst I am pissing myself laughing at every sliding about. The ambulance arrives, by this time I had been on the ice for 3 hours. I have never been so cold in all my life. Making me cold just thinking about it!
Well they finally lift me onto the trolley. My neighbour was on the road side, which was just as well, because guess what happened.............

As they are pushing the trolley with me on it, the ambulance driver, yeh, you guessed it slipped on the same patch of ice. I, on the trolley went shooting into the road, a car coming the other way, so my neighbour, caught the trolley and stopped me being squished by a car. With the laughing gas taking full effect. I was in fits of laughter. Thank you so much to that very kind neighbour, I may have ended up unconscious as well lol 
I think the paramedic's where getting board with broken bones on the ice. Wanted something a bit more exciting to deal with lol 
I was then in hospital for 4 hours, had to be treated for hyperthermia and it took me 3 days to warm up again. Whilst I was sat on that ice, the temperature dropped to -4 brrrrrr. 

After all that commotion it was not even broken, just a severe strain lol 

I so need a cuppa now to warm up ;-)

Anna x


  1. uuhh sounds very painful, but great there are good people that helped you!

  2. Yeh, definately. They were great : )

  3. That's a long time to be sitting on ice. I can't even imagine the cold, plus having pain in your leg. Good thing there were people looking out for you!

  4. sound like no luck, and a funny time. i think no one would do anything if anyone would slip like that where i'm from, so be glad for your neighbor