Saturday, 23 April 2011

Flagpole Merry-go-round

Back to a story about the ex. Many years ago, about a year or two after we had been married. We went down town with some family friends of his. The Harding family. 
We were stood in the queue for the burger van on the centre, this was when they had those flag mast's all joined together in a circle in the centre of Bristol. It had seating in it and you could walk through from one side to the other. 
Well we were stood with the Harding family when a drunken ruckus starts with one of the Harding kids ( I say kids he was in his 30's) well a guy swang for him, he ducked so mum Harding takes a full punch to the face. That's it now he has pissed of dad Harding. Well by this time it had turned into a full on brawl. The police started noticing and came over to break it up.
Well what happen next....... 
The youngest son about 25 makes a run from the policeman. I am the only one not getting involved! Let them get on with it eh! 
Well the youngest son Dan, ran around the outside of the flag poles, a copper gave chase, around the flagpoles, then another copper follow's suit around the flagpoles. Dan's girlfriend ran after the policemen around the flagpoles!! 
Well the benny hill music popped into my head at this point. I was in hysterics along with most of the burger van queue. They did about 3 or 4 laps around the flagpoles then.............
One copper twigged what he was doing and just walked through to the other side and caught Dan, it was like there was a force field that prevented them just walking through it was so funny. By this time all the rest had been arrested, my husband had been arrested for his mouth. 
I was ready to go home, when Dan's girlfriend wanted to go down the police station and wait. I couldn't let a girl hang about in a police station by herself all night could I. When we got down their everyone else was released, but not my husband he was the only one that got charged, why? He did not throw one punch!
I tell you why, he had been so verbally abusive to the policeman and tried to annoy them by talking and shouting all night, singing and saying things like "freedom of speech, where is there a sign saying that i cant talk". I think the main thing that got him charged, he kept calling one of them Ginger pig !! 
Well I got a minibus for the rest of us. My Ex was up in court the next day and ended up with an 12 month suspended sentence. 

I should had an inkling of what kind of man he would turn out to be. I would never speak to a policeman or anyone like that. 

Anna x 

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