Friday, 15 April 2011

Curry on ice!


When you are divorcing someone you start to look back on life. It is really hard to remember nice times, when you have been through the things I have. At the moment I can remember just two times situations made me laugh, in 16years that it pretty bad. I am sure there are more, but bad memories cloud them.  They may come to me and I am sure I will tell you when I remember lol

The first thing I remember was one winter in a house we lived in, on Bloomfield Road. It was extremely icy and he had decided he wanted a curry and was going to walk around to the local Chinese. Well Bloomfield road is on a slope. It was black ice.
He stepped out started to walk ...... Then ........ Now you are thinking he's going to fall aren't you. He started sliding, it was like slow motion, sliding gently down the hill stood up right, looked like he was snow boarding, ................well he couldn't stop. So he grabbed a black wheelie bin. Well it didn't work and he just carried on sliding,  him holding on to the bin, all the way to the bottom. I was just stood in the door way wearing my Micky mouse night shirt and matching slipper socks, check me out lol well we all have these embarrassing clothes somewhere. 
Anyway, he just kept sliding until he just came to a gentle stop. He let go of the bin and stood for a second really still. Went to move . . . Fell flat on his ass! You know I don't think we ever got that curry, and I can't remember for the life of me how he got back up the hill. I think I must have been to busy laughing to care. Lmao, still makes me chuckle now. 

The second one ................
Well tomorrow night perhaps eh!

Night for now 

Anna x


  1. Good memories are the best, especially in times like divorce, i think. Helps us remember the humanity of the person. I have good memories too of my ex.

  2. memories are great, remember good things , forget the bad, and life will just look more like a better place.

  3. Thanks for the comments guys. My life is a much better place. I am a confident person and more importantly my boys are a lot happier. I try very hard to remember the man he used to be instead of who he became. I do this for my children as no matter what harm he has done to me, he will always be their dad and why make life more complicated for them.